Sept. 3, 2021, 11:22 p.m.
What do you want me to cover in the future?


The origins and creators of the ideology known as communism, and also please look into Codex Alimentarius as well. Keep up the amazing job, Pimpy... Stacks, on stacks...

Side note... Looking into the "modern" germ theory vs. terrain theory, I'm sure you'll find that we are following pseudoscience that enables the profiteering we see today in regards to healthcare, or dis-ease management.

@Aries369echo agreed. Some great content available, like What Really Makes You Ill? (Book) and of course all of Andrew's work:

Thanks for the tip, Adam... Be well.

Hi Pimpy! I have been researching federal income taxes ..which seem to be illegal. We need to cut off the feds money source!

I would love for you to do some research about income tax...I believe it is illegal for the Gov to tax our income...we need to cut off their money!

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